The present

sfz bits

sfz has its own index page.

Kontakt bits

Kontakt has its own index page, too.


I spend a few hours each week jamming live on the internet with anyone who happens to be around and can stand me! Everything gets recorded, and I've selected the less objectionable ones for public display.

Most of the recordings happen from various NINJAM servers but I also hang around on Jamulus, either my own server or one of the public ones. Mine has recording enabled and I publish the (raw stream) recordings here.

Editing Sims Things

In addition to getting paid for programming, I also do it for a hobby. For a while (1995 to 2013), this was mostly in C# for Sims2 (SimPE) and Sims3 (sims3tools from Both are open source projects hosted on SourceForge (SimPE, sims3tools).

Editing TrapKAT Things

Another C# project was my TrapKAT Editor for .Net. It has subsequently be rewritten to be cross platform in Scala. jTrapKATEditor has its own site over on GitHub.

Who am I?

Contact details and a little about me.

The past

Muzys bits

SynthEdit bits

My sound input plug hack has its own page.

As does my semi-modular VA hack.

pljones' MP3s

There are a few MP3s over on SoundClick.

drealmBBS Yahoo group

drealm logo Click here for drealmBBS zigzag

My wife and I used to develop and run a *nix BBS. Click above to go to the "support" group for users.

The Dwarfen Realm Viewdata BBS

The Dwarfen Realm

I used to run a Viewdata BBS. Rob O'Donnell is running the "Celebrating the Viewdata Revolution" site where my BBS is accessible as it was as of the final back up (more or less), in Web format. Click the logo above to step back in time to 1990. He also hosts the legendary The Gnome at Home pages.

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