A Soundcard capture module for SynthEdit: PLJ_SndIn


This is alpha quality code: use at your own peril and give me feedback. The sole purpose of this release is to hear whether this works at all for anyone other than me, so I really do need to hear from you.

Click here to download the VST.

Feedback to the SynthEdit SDK Yahoo! group, please. Alternatively, email me.

I am happy to provide the source for the .SEP file - but you will need:

Click here for all my code and project files for Dev-C++.

What is it?

PLJ_SndIn provides the capability to stream audio into your host's effects rack. Now, many hosts already have this feature so you won't want to use this effect. However, Muzys does not (yet). This is a quick'n'dirty work around.

The plug features a dropdown selector of all audio inputs detected, a gate button and two scopes. One displays the wave form, the other - along with the two "voltmeters" - displays some random debugging information (to be removed from any final version!).

Known faults

Seems to crash reliably when selecting an ASIO driver. Not sure why yet.

Seems to get clipping/overamplification sometimes. Not sure why yet.

It looks like I'm getting lots of buffer overruns. This could be true or it could be a code error...

Watch out for feedback loops: I don't detect them (and have no plans ever to do so).