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If you have any problems using this website or with the content, I would very much like to hear from you. You can email me at < peter !AT! >. Please make it clear from the subject line what you're posting about, to avoid my spam filter.

For questions regarding sfz, the best place to post is the Samples, Sampling and Sample Libraries forum on KVRaudio. I check in there several times a day, as do other users of sfz who might be able to help. (René, the creator of sfz and sfz format, seems to have disappeared...)

For questions regarding ns_kit and NDK, including my mappings, given that the NDK forum has been taken down, you are probably best posting on KVR, too.

For questions about the other sfz format mappings I've got here or about any of the scripts - or even about Steve Holt's sfZed, the best place to post is probably the KVRaudio Samples forum, as above.

Muzys and Computer Muzys are now legacy products but if you liked them, you will almost certainly be at home with MuTools MU.LAB. That also has its own forum on KVR.

I'm out of touch with SynthEdit -- I'd suggest starting with the KVRaudio Modular Synthesis forum. The DSP and Plug-in Development forum covers raw coding.

For questions about drealmBBS, please use the Yahoo! group.

A little about me

I'm Peter Jones (one of many). I've been doing this internet thing for quite a long time. My first post on Usenet was 10 February 1990 (proving how dangerous Google can be...). I'd been using computers since 1981, though (ZX81 - but BBC Micros and an Acorn Archimedes by the time of that post).

I work in IT, having moved from testing mainframe applications, through writing them, designing them, into team leading and management and then into IT architecture. After a "career break" and gaining a Master of Science in Software Engineering (with distinction), I returned to the job I truely enjoy - writing software, now on unix boxes using TCL and some javascript and HTML.

In addition to working and playing with computers, I spend a little time trying to coax music out of them. I'm easily sidetracked into technical stuff (like writing PERL scripts to create sfz format mappings!), though. As I prefer drumming to most other forms of music creation, I guess some would say that's not such a bad thing...

As a drum kit is a rather large and noisy contraption - and doesn't have a MIDI plug, either - I bought myself an Alternate Mode TrapKAT in April 2007. This is great fun to beat with sticks. Even more fun is doing it on Ninjam or Ninbot and waiting to see who turns up to jam. You can hear some of what we get up to on my jams page.

Since 1990, I've been living with my (now) wife, Inge (recently described as "beyond awesome").

I still have the beard and some hair.

A little about drealm

As the above post shows, I'm a bit of a geek. I was running a Viewdata Bulletin Board System called The Dwarfen Realm for what, when I was in my early twenties, felt like a long time. It seems a much longer time ago. drealm came about when I started using my Archimedes for email in an attempt to connect the BBS to the outside world -- UUCP over dial up. In those dim and distant days, email addresses were like {...}!mcsun!ukc!cix!thanatos. Each bit between !s being a hostname, the last part being the destination mailbox. And host names could only be short, lowercase, with no spaces. Hence The Dwarfen Realm became drealm.

Shortly after that, my (now) wife and I started developing a scrolling-text bulletin board system under *nix (initially and very, very briefly, BSD4.3 on the Archimedes; for a longer period, on System V Release 3.2 on a CT S/80 machine (with real dumb terminals!); then onto an intel 80486 machine running System V Release 4.0, then 4.2, then Linux). The system was called drealmBBS and you can get the source from the link on the front page. Last time I checked, it still compiled (with the dlm21a patch).

The BBS closed, eventually, when the internet became more accessible to more people. We realised it was time to move on. Somehow, I've not managed to let go of the name. One of our callers held the original domain for some time, after we let it lapse but that too, now, seems to have passed on to a domain name seller.

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