What is Kontakt?

Kontakt is a sample player from Native Instruments. You can get details from their website.

What are mappings?

A mapping is a description of how to playback a set of samples based on trigger events.

Where are the mappings?

Now that I've adopted Kontakt as my primary sampler, the number Kontakt mappings will slowly increase. Never worry: I still intend to produce SFZ mappings!

  1. ns_kit 7 mappings. None of the samples are here.
  2. Analogue Drums' kits mapped to NDK layout. None of the samples are here.
  3. bigcat1969 samples and mappings of those samples (including SFZ mappings).

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For "ns_kit7 mappings" and "Analogue Drums NDK mappings", the following applies.

Copyright © 2006, 2009 Peter L Jones. All rights reserved. You are granted a royalty-free perpetual licence to use the Kontakt mappings held on this site for any purpose. If you make a derived work, please remove any reference to me or to this site.

If you find any problems with the mappings, please let me know: < peter !at! drealm !dot! info >

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