Tape Series Two

Note: I have "begun" work on SFZ mappings for Tape Series Two.

Tape Series Two is a much more detailed set of kits compared to Tape Series One. One omission, however, is pedal control of the hi-hat position, which is a shame, considering that there is big improvement in the number of pedal positions sampled. Rather than editing the Kontakt mapping -- something only a masochist really wants to do -- I wrote a short KSP script that can be added to each kit. If you need help doing this, please ask on the Analogue Drums Forums.

		on note
		  if ($EVENT_NOTE = 42)
			select (%CC[4])
			   case 0 to 31
				 change_note($EVENT_ID, 67) { open }
			   case 32 to 63
				 change_note($EVENT_ID, 66) { semi-open }
			   case 64 to 95
				 change_note($EVENT_ID, 65) { loose }
			   case 96 to 126
				 change_note($EVENT_ID, 64) { closed }
			   case 127
				 change_note($EVENT_ID, 62) { tight }
			end select
		  end if
		end on

With this script in place, I then created a kit layout for my TrapKAT 3.1 (MIDI SysEx file).

NDK mappings of Analogue Drums samples

Analogue Drums have an interesting approach to sampling -- they record to analogue tape. You can read all about them on their website.

I liked the first kit here so much I've bought everything they'd produced! If you like the Analogue Drums' Kontakt mappings, read no further. However, if you want a Kontakt mapping that follows the NDK layout, this page is for you. (If you want SFZ mappings in the same vein, I can direct you over here.)

Big Mono

So here we are. The first kit is their free, "Big Mono" kit. Have a read, listen to the demos. Then download it and try it out!

Big Mono ndk.nki (40KB)


I can't tell you much about this kit -- I have not yet had the chance to play it! It sounded nice on the demos and when I was doing the mapping, so I am looking forward to it! I am providing a 7-Zip archive containing two NKI files (close and room) and an NKM of the two together.

Popsticks ndk.7z (134KB)


There won't be any more Kontakt mappings in NDK layout, as I decided it was easier simply to create mappings for my TrapKAT.

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