Kontakt2 mappings of ns_kit7


Douglas Whates' Natural Studio's ns_kit7 is one of the sampling world's best kept secrets, spanning five DVDs. Doug sold up a few years back and the kit can now be obtained from Atelier Robin as Natural Drum Kit.

As with my SFZ mappings of ns_kit7(free), I'm planning two mappings: following the original layout and one I feel is more like a drumkit to play. I'm learning Kontakt2 as I do this, so rather than wait until I've finished, I'm posting what I've done as I go.

Natural Studio Mappings

ns_kit7 comes with a set of HALion3 mappings, with some Kontakt2 instrument presets. With the HALion3 mappings, you get full kit setups. I've reproduced those kits - the following table summarises what kits are in the ZIP file:

Kit Hi-hats Toms Kick Beaters
Jungle J / 13" Bop 5 / 14" bop stx*3, hnd*1
Bop J / 13" Bop 5 / 14" bop stx*3, brs*3, hnd*3, mlt*3
Piccollo J / 13" Dead 3 / 22" noreso stx*2
Metal J / 13" Noreso 4 / 22" boom stx*3
Funk J / 13" Rock 1 / 20" punch stx*2, brs*2
Rock J / 13" Rock 1 / 20" punch stx*3, brs*2
Dead K / 14" Dead 3 / 22" noreso stx*2
Tight K / 14" Rock 2 / 20" full stx*2
Orleans K / 14" Rock 4 / 22" boom stx*2
*1 = no wires only
*2 = wires only
*3 = both

Currently missing are the stx bop_m kits.

There are also two small bop kits I did just to get going.

13" HH (xf), 12" Splash, 18" Crash, 19" Ride
12" Bop Snare and the Bop toms (w/snare)
20" Full Kick (slightly reduced volume)
bop1 - as above plus
8" Splash, 8" and 10" Bop toms, stick click

I've also included the cymbal and tom packs used as building blocks for the kits.


Wolfgang Fogel - Mappings and Scripts

Wolfgang Fogel (Raindog on the Natural Studio forums), with the massive help of a very nice swedish programer has provided some K2 scripts for HiHats, Toms, Kick and Snares that make use of the alternate left and right hand strokes (or a and b samples, in the case of the Kick) contained in some of ns_kit7's instruments. Rather than rotating through a set of, for example, right-hand stroke samples for successive right-hand hits, the scripts alternate right- and left-hand strokes.

Wolfgang also did a set of kit mappings that I overlooked before doing mine! He's also produced single instrument sets for the cymbals (rather than Multis).


Alternate maps

I've completed one kit - rock, brushes, wires on - plus all the toms and cymbals. I decided to put this lot up so people can play with it now, rather than wait for me to finish! The mapping is below, although later kits may change it (and I haven't included the cowbell, tambourine and stick click in this kit).

I've tried to follow the reach necessary for each piece of the kit in placing it on the keyboard.


The first layout
C036Hi-hat half-open
D038Hi-hat grabs
E040Hi-hat swish / bell
F041Hi-hat pedal
04218" Crash
G043Hi-hat splash
04418" Crash
04619" Ride / 19" Sizzle Ride
C0488" Tom
04919" Ride / 19" Sizzle Ride
D0508" Tom
051Snare Rim / Slap
E052Snare / Roll
F053Snare / Roll
054Snare Rim / Slap
G05510" Tom
0568" Splash
A05710" Tom
05815" Crash
C (middle)060Kick
06115" Crash
D06212" Tom
0639" Splash
E06412" Tom
F06514" Tom
06619" China
G06714" Tom
06819" China
A06916" Tom
07020" Ride
B07116" Tom
07320" Ride
07512" Splash
F077Stick click
080Cowbell (muted)

Other Kontakt2 mappings

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