Gregjazz Jazz Funk Kit

This is a SFZ mapping for a drum kit sampled by Gregjazz of Orange Tree Samples and released with a Kontakt2/3 mapping.

Here's a demo that Greg provided.

The Samples

The samples have their very own web page on Greg's site. It may also be worth taking a read through this thread on KVRaudio.

SFZ Mappings

There are three SFZ mappings hosted here, one based on the original mapping, one based on GM with key-switching to select snares on or off and finally one that follows GM but with the snare on/off samples two octaves apart.

frollo9386's Mapping

This first mapping was produced by frollo9386 and is based on the Kontakt mapping.

frollo9386's mapping. Put this in the same folder as the samples.

GM-ish Key-switched Mapping

The second is one I produced for two reasons:

  1. To make a more General MIDI-compliant mapping (without losing any of the samples)
  2. To take advantage of the two set of drums - with and without snares - using key switching

I don't feel I have been entirely successful in either but it is good enough! The main point to note is that you have to switch to one of the two sample sets (that is, play the "snare on" or "snare off" samples) or you will hear no drums... All of the instruments prefixed "*" are switched between "snare off" and "snare on" samples.

The hi-hat is under Foot Controller (CC#4) control for openness. I have also used some round robin and random robin to ensure you never hear the same sample twice when playing the same note at the same velocity. This improves how natural the kit sounds no end!

Key-switched, sort of GM-layout
020Hi-hat splash
032Turn snare on (SW)
034Turn snare off (SW)
B035* Kick
C036* Bop Kick
037* Snare X-stick
D038* Snare
039* Snare rimshot
E040* Snare stickshot
F041Hi-hat side
042Hi-hat (CC#4)
G043* Floor tom
044Hi-hat chick
A045* Floor tom
046Hi-hat open
B047* Rack tom
C048* Rack tom
049Ride crash
D050* Rack tom
E052Flat Ride
F053Ride bell
G055Flat Ride crash

And here is the mapping:

GM-ish Key-switched mapping. Put this in the same folder as the "License Agreement.pdf" and Kontakt mapping.

GM-ish, Drums two octaves apart Mapping

Not entirely satisfied, I have very quickly put this third mapping together. If you set up your drum trigger to have two kits, one using the snare on sounds and one using the snare off sounds, you can very quickly switch between them by switching kits on your drum trigger. (Even better if you can program your trigger to send the appropriate note and switch kits when you hit a trigger!)

The layout is the same as above except the snare off samples are two octaves lower, i.e. begining at note 11, leaving the snare on samples in their GM positions.

Here is the mapping:

GM-ish 2-Kit mapping. Put this in the same folder as the "License Agreement.pdf" and Kontakt mapping.

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Other sfz format mappings

Last updated: 10 October 2009
Fixed minor errors that I meant to fix last time
6 October 2009: Link added to page on OrangeTreeSamples site
9 December 2008: Add some round and random robin to the mappings
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